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Women Veteran Speaker members are fee-based speakers, coaches, trainers & facilitators. Clients are invited to contact our members directly (members’ contact info is listed on each of their profiles) for booking inquiries or (240) 298-3940 for additional booking information/questions.

Specializing in: Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Critical Thinking Skills, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Facing Fear, Gender Issues , Goal Setting Health & Fitness, Image & Self-Esteem, Inspirational, Leadership, Non-Profits, Overcoming Adversity, PTSD, Resiliency, Stress Management
Specializing in: Employee Retention, High Performing Teams, Corporate Culture, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Retention, High Performing Teams, Teamwork, Military Spouse Workforce
Specializing in: Inspirational, Leadership, NonProfits, Peak Performance, Philanthropy, Time Management
Specializing in: Branding, Careers, Empowerment, Inspirational, Social Media Marketing, Women in Business / Women Leaders, LinkedIn
Specializing in: Author, Empowerment, Gender Issues, Inspirational, Leadership, Patriotic, PTSD, Veteran Issues, Women in Military / Veterans
Specializing in: Leadership, Professional Development, Women in Business and Leadership, High Performing Teams, Change Management, Climate Change, Inspirational, Facing Fear, Suicide Awareness, Diversity, Empowerment
Specializing in: Author, Critical Thinking Skills, Empowerment, Leadership, Marketing, Military History, Overcoming Adversity, Public Relations, Sales, Veteran Experiences, Workplace Respect, Writing Your Story / Memoirs
Specializing in: Career & Professional Coaching, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Team Dynamics, Leadership, Gender Relations, Communication Skills
Specializing in: Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics & Integrity, Leadership, Life Balance, STEM, Time Management
Specializing in: Conflict Management, Corporate Culture, Ethics & Integrity, Leadership, Patriotic, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Workplace Communication
Specializing in: Alcohol and Drug Education, Anti-Bullying, Author, Corporate Culture, Domestic Violence Awareness, Inspirational, Legacy Building, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building, Workplace Communication
Specializing in: Communication, Connection & Influence, Intentional Living, Personal Growth & Professional Development, Healthcare, Women’s Empowerment, Women in Leadership, Motivational
Specializing in: High Performing Teams, Strategic Planning & Business Growth, Branding (Personal or Corporate), Executive Coaching, Goal Setting, Personal & Professional Development
Specializing in:Resiliency & Stress Management, Empowering Women, “TUFF Mama” Parenting, Life Balance, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building
Specializing in: Facing Fear, Goal Setting, Inspirational, Leadership, Mental Health, Patriotic, PTSD, Pursue Your Dreams, Resiliency, Suicide Awareness, Team Building
Specializing in: Author, Business Development, Growth, Productivity, Change Management, Conflict Management, Economics, Human Resources, Inspirational, Leadership, Organizational Leadership / Management, Peak Performance, Real Estate, Team Building, Workplace Communication
Specializing in: Leadership, Corporate Culture, Peak Performance, Personal Development, Team Building, Pursue Your Dreams, Inspirational, Overcoming Adversity, Coaching and Mentoring
Specializing in: Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Women in Business, Veteran Issues, Entrepreneurship, Resilience, Disability, Motivational, Intersectionality
Specializing in: Innovation, Creativity, Motivational, Leadership, Sales, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Corporate Creativity
Specializing in: High Performing Teams, Cyber Security, Executive Management of Cyber Security teams, Enterprise Architecture & Technology Innovation, Security & Risk Management, Technology & Innovation, Leadership - CIOs & IT Executives
Specializing in: Team Building, Leadership, Personal Development, Values Based Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Start-ups & Advanced Technology, Overcoming Adversity, Women in the Military, Patriotic
Specializing in: Effective Communication, Goal Setting & Achievement, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing, Mindset and Spirituality, Change Management, Personal Development for Leaders, Building Resilience, Stress and Anxiety Management, Work Life Balance, Self-care for families of with special needs member
Specializing in: Financial Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Business Development & Growth, Pursue Your Dreams, Professional/Personal Development, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Work & Life Balance
Specializing in: Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring, Life Balance, Organizational Leadership, Panel Moderator, Personal Development, Peak Performance, Girls Programs, Anti-Bullying, Inspirational, Entrepreneur, Stress Management, Team Building
Specializing in: Diversity & Inclusion, High Performing Teams, Corporate Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Social Justice, Race Relations
Specializing in: Innovation, Strategic Planning, Entrepreneur, Business Development, Growth & Productivity, Contracting, International Trade, Change Management, Sales, Organizational Leadership / Management, Executive Coaching, Coaching & Mentoring, Goal Setting
Specializing in: Change Management, Conflict Management, Corporate Culture, Diversity & Inclusion, High Risk Behavior Training - Sexual Assault Prevention, Sexual Harrassment, Inspirational, Leadership, Organizational Leadership / Mangement, Overcoming Adversity, Team Building
Specializing in: Team Culture, Team Building, Critical Thinking, Master of Ceremonies, Panel Moderation
Specializing in: Workplace Communication, Conflict Management, Customer Service, Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence, Empowering Employees, Managing Multi-generational Workforce, Presentation Skills, Women in Business
Specializing in: Inspirational, Patriotic, Sales, Millennials in the Workplace, Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, Resiliency, Women Veterans, Faith, Corporate Culture, Women in Business, Innovation, Girls Issues, Leadership
Specializing in: High Risk Training- Sexual Assault Awareness, Suicide Prevention, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Veteran Active-duty to Civilian Transition, Women Leadership Empowerment, Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Life Balance, Mental Health & Wellness
Specializing in: Author, Business Development, Growth, Productivity, Customer Service, Inspirational, Leadership, Master of Ceremonies, Patriotic, Personal Development, Sales, Team Building, Youth
Specializing in: Anti-Bullying, Coaching & Mentoring, Empowerment, Girls Programs, Image & Self Esteem, Inspirational, Leadership, Managing Multi-generational Workforce, Veteran Experiences, Veteran Workforce, Workplace Communication, Youth, Youth Self Esteem & image
Specializing in: Author, Branding, Diversity & Inclusion, Education, Entrepreneur, Green Energy / Environment, Innovation, Latina Owned Business, STEM, Women in Business / Women Leaders, Writing Your Story / Memoirs
Specializing in: Culture, Inclusion, Leadership, Communication, Empowerment, Inspirational, Team Building, Process Improvement
Specializing in: Inspirational, Leadership, Team Building, High Performing Teams, Peak Performance, Faith, Patriotic, Pursuing Your Dreams
Specializing in: Business Development & Personal Development, Productivity & Peak Performance, Change Management, Coaching & Mentoring / Executive Coaching, Conflict Management, Corporate Trainer, Emotional Intelligence, Facilitator, Leadership, Managing Multi-generational Workforce, Presentation Skills, Stress Management, Team Building, Workplace Communication

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