Julian B. Kiganda, JBK Brand Design LLC

Tanya is a powerful, authentic speaker who knows how to engage and connect with her audiences. Her ability to be candid about her own life challenges and persona obstacles are what allows her to build rapport easily and let others know that they are not alone.



David Jackson, Owner, Surface Marketing

To say that Jennifer A. Garrett is a captivating speaker would be the understatement of the century. Her onstage presence kept the audience glued to the stage from beginning to end. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jennifer and I plan on having her back next year!


Brent Novoselsky, former NFL Tight End

A girl writing about football?? As a former player at the highest level, the realization of what the game means from a different perspective than the normal ‘guys that played the game’ is both refreshing and powerful. The breaking down of the virtues and values that were instilled in me by playing the game are clearly put forward by Jennifer’s deep appreciation for the game.


Tyrone P. Keys, 1985 Chicago Bears, Super Bowl XX Champion

The principles Jennifer highlighted, along with the examples and stories she told, was as if she had been rolling and shuffling as one of the members of the football teams that I played on. It was like Jennifer had been there during the trials and triumphs on the field and in the locker room. Jennifer knows how to translate the game of football into lessons that can help the next generation move the ball forward in life.


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