I asked Diane to speak with my organization about the benefits that diversity brings to both the corporate and government domains. Knowing her intellect and passion for the subject, I had hoped she would stimulate dialogue among my team but I was not expecting the tremendous, positive impact her talk had on my organization.   Her message was focused, witty, and exceedingly well received. She challenged us to grow and we did. It has been over a year since she spoke with us and my inspired team is still successfully working to broaden the background of our workforce. Diane’s work has made us a more productive, efficient, and happier group. We frequently refer to her powerful message as we develop our workforce. Her influence on my team was so beneficial that I recommended to my higher headquarters that she be asked to speak at their annual senior management leadership symposium. She knocked it out of the park in that intense forum as well.

Russ Smith  Commanding Officer, Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center