On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, Jennifer Foxworthy visited Berks Technical Institute (BTI) as a guest speaker for the Criminal Justice program.  The leadership of BTI cannot express its heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for the life changing message Mrs. Foxworthy conveyed during her presentation.  Staff and students alike were challenged to self-exam themselves for an understanding of their worth as well as to find the purpose for which they were created.  She accurately embodies her profession title of “inspirational and motivational speaker” as the community of BTI felt and continues to feel inspired and motivated by her words of challenge and encouragement.  If one is looking for a life changing speaker and motivationalist, Mrs. Foxworthy encompasses it all with her multifaceted experience, expertise, and encouragement.

Cindy A. StrawbridgeCriminal Justice Associate, Berks Technical Institute