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Tara Nolan offers a unique and specialized approach to looking at life and reinventing yourself.  Tara combines 26 years of strategic military planning with her knowledge of entrepreneurship, finance and personal development to provide transformational talks.  Tara believes Life is a Team Sport! and she specializes in helping smart people, who have limited time due to business and family demands, achieve and retain the lifestyles they want.

Tara graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and succeeded as a military officer meeting many challenges. She was an aircraft commander flying C-130 cargo aircraft in combat zones, managed logistical systems world-wide and taught biology to future Air Force leaders at the Air Force Academy. Tara’s problem solving, critical thinking and planning skills have been honed through real-world experiences and are now directly benefitting her audiences. Tara understands the value of building a strong team of experts and knows how you need lead your own teams to achieve success.

A life-long learner… Tara has a voracious appetite for knowledge that complements her real-world experience. She holds an MBA from the University of West Florida, an MS from Colorado State University, and numerous financial series licenses. She is an Air Force Pilot, consumes  leadership programs to include multiple senior level military leadership programs, Colorado Springs’ Leadership Pikes Peak program graduate Class of 2011, and the Aspen Executive Leadership Seminar.

Tara believes… knowing your options greatly reduces stress because you can take positive steps towards your goals. Your financial future should not be an unknown outcome or a surprise!

Living her lifelong dream , Tara now actively competes her horses, Donzer and Ava in Dressage. Tara competes in the United States Dressage Federation, the Rocky Mountain Dressage Association and the United States Equestrian Federation. Tara has been a board member for the Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center and Leadership Pikes Peak. Tara lives with her husband, three horses and many barn cats on their 23 acre farm. In addition to being a superb horse husband, Kris, is a successful local businessman in Colorado Springs

Nolan Financial Radio, KRDO Saturdays at noon
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Out of the Saddle: 9 Steps to Improve Your Horseback Riding
Speaking Your Truth Vol III, Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women “Tara Nolan: The Life of My Dreams” (Contributing Author)

Speaking Programs


Have you ever felt like there should be something else? Do you question whether or not you can find your passion? Would you like to learn 3 simple steps you can take today to start uncovering your dreams? In this talk, Tara will share:

  • How to be Inspired
  • How your Learning Style works for you
  • How to discover your authentic Passion

In this presentation based on her book, Tara shares how you can find your new career by identifying your personal purpose and passion.  Tara walks you through hands on exercises so you leave with real “to dos.”  Tara humorously shares her journey from a hippie kid to becoming a military pilot and now an entrepreneur. Be prepared to laugh, take notes and be inspired.

For: Entrepreneurs & Small Business Organizations, Chamber of Commerce Groups, Individual & Executive Coaching,  Professional Groups, Organizations, Conferences, Military Conferences

WEALTH IS A TEAM SPORT!   Keynote or Workshop

The world has shifted and people are now responsible to create their own retirements. The overwhelming amount of information usually leads to analysis paralysis.  The good news is you don’t have to go it alone, nor should you. This content packed presentation will teach your audience to:

  • Understand how we got here
  • Why pensions are evaporating
  • Identify the experts they want on their mastermind team
  • Know how to achieve and retain they lifestyle they want
  • Take action now

Tara offers an optional workshop PLAN FOR YOUR DREAMS as an add-on to the WEALTH IS A TEAM SPORT keynote.  Attendees will discuss & develop a personalized financial goal plan.

For:  Financial Organizations, Retreats, Conferences, Entrepreneurship Organizations & Conferences, Family Conferences

KIDS AND MONEY!   Keynote or Workshop

We were all taught not to speak of religion, politics and money in polite company.  So, how are your kids supposed to learn about money?  It’s not taught in schools.  Being poor is a way to motivate kids to try harder.  How do you teach your kids about money when they are not struggling to wear nice clothes, have that first car or attend a good school?  How do wealthy people teach their kids to be responsible without the backdrop of family struggle?

This content packed presentation will teach your audience to:

  • Understand how kids learn at different ages
  • Strategies to teach kids to save
  • Introduce the concept of charity
  • Balance wants and needs

For:  Professional Organizations, Retreats, Conferences, Entrepreneurship Organizations & Conferences, Family Conferences


How does an introvert survive in business?  Your EQ is as key as your IQ.  Good leaders understand that the power of their team members’ relationships are as important as their individual skill sets. Understanding how to network is as important as getting the next degree or license for success. This content packed presentation will inspire your audience to:

  • Humorously look at themselves
  • See their web of connections
  • Identify 3-5 new connections
  • Take high return low threat actions
  • Promote consistency and accountability

For: Corporate Events & Entrepreneurship Organizations & Conferences