Retired Combat U.S. Marine, Small Business Owner, Author, Podcast Host, Poet
Taniki provides a captivating and informative approach for positive life change!
Taniki’s insightful presentations and workshops are not only unique, but engaging. Taniki delivers custom messages of hope, advocacy, and effective leadership.

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Why Hire Taniki as Your Next Speaker?

Get “The Taniki Experience!” Taniki uses creative performance art, military examples and life experience in her speeches and workshops. The warmth, humor and transparency of Taniki’s talks leave lasting impressions. With her “build together” approach, Taniki delivers a perspective relevant for personal and professional growth from her book, Principles for Change.  Focused on mastering feelings, Taniki adds excitement and mentorship during her speeches and workshops that increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Taniki has the ability to present topics that hit home. Transform your event from good to exciting and impactful by adding Taniki into the mix! Positive life-changing outcomes include:

  • Self-accountability
  • Stress management skills
  • Implementation of healthy boundaries
  • Knowing when to apply coping techniques
  • Experience increased EQ through emotional control techniques
  • Leadership by example guide
  • Team building strategies
  • Identifying professional collaboration with purpose

Member Profile

As an 11-year USMC Retired Veteran, Taniki’s combination of creativity, military background, and love of community makes her an amazingly Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Author, Podcast Host, and Poet.

Taniki is a leader and creative thinker. With her veteran husband, Brandon, they Founded JT Inspire LLC, an entertainment and media company that provides speaker services, event hosting, empowerment webinars and community sponsorships.

Taniki’s company book, ‘Principles for Change: 3 Keys to Overcome Trauma from His and Hers Perspectives’ supports Survivors of abuse in how to overpower trauma. Featured on the cover of Homeland Veterans Magazine, and her success story of healing and mental wellness headlined on Yahoo News; the 2020 Virginia Women Veterans Trailblazer of the Year Awardee, and recipient of several community awards,

Taniki never takes a day for granted. Focused on uplifting others, Taniki developed JT Inspire empowerment seminars and retreat workshops. Taniki’s services increase Emotional Intelligence in Survivors of abuse providing positive life skills that allow them to effectively accomplish their personal and professional goals. Taniki is no stranger to the camera or stage. Not only has she written poems and stories since she was a little girl, in 2001 she took the love of writing with her into the Marine Corps. Throughout her military service as an Avionics Technician, Certified Lean Six Sigma Group Facilitator, and Special Occupational Instructor Evaluator, she performed numerous Spoken Word events at poetry venues in Japan, Southern California, North Carolina, Chicago, and Virginia. Taniki supported many of her brothers and sisters in arms as the command Suicide Prevention Facilitator and Sexual Assault Advocate.  She was medically retired after suffering Post-Traumatic Stress from a combination of military sexual assault and combat in Iraq.

After her military service, Taniki reinvented herself. She appeared in a televised documented series of self-transformation called, Fox43 Hampton Roads Reality TV show, ‘I Got This!’ Taniki has appeared on numerous multimedia programs, televised shows, and radio talk shows. She filmed a veteran social project with BuzzFeed in Hollywood, California, and made return guest appearances on FOX News, “The Hampton Roads Show” in Virginia. Taniki was invited to speak about her traumatic experience with Wounded Warrior Project on the nationally televised CBS show, “The Talk” in Hollywood, California, and a LIVE broadcast on Suicide Prevention from Facebook Headquarters in New York City.

She enjoys broadcasting her podcast show, The #1 Best Self-support Podcast for Veterans, “pursUance: Straight Out The Box!” Taniki’s bi-weekly podcast show offers great job tips while spreading the message of healing and overcoming traumatic experiences. Taniki currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia joyously sharing her life with 21-year Marine Corps Retired husband, Brandon, and their two awesome sons, Jermaine and Terry.


Specialties & Expertise

  • Virtual Presenter
  • National Campaign Team Speaker
  • Youth Organization Board Member
  • Suicide Crisis Prevention Mentor
  • Suicide Awareness Facilitator
  • Sexual Assault/Harassment Trainer
  • Sexual Abuse Victims Advocate
  • Veteran Peer Mentor
  • Occupational Instructor Evaluator
  • Green Belt Lean-Continuous Process Improvement Facilitator
  • Black Belt Trained Six Sigma Facilitator

Speaking Programs

Seek, Leap, Reach Keynote or Workshop

Leave the fearing and step into cheering! SEEK out success, LEAP toward positive change, and REACH life goals. Tear down the negative thinking that hinder Survivors of abuse from thriving in life. A custom keynote or workshop for health & wellness retreats addressing how to confront trauma, overcome a “victim” mindset, and empower Survivors. Participants will know how to avoid self-sabotage, learn clear foundations (trust-love-respect) for healthy boundaries, and understand there is hope for an enjoyable life after being abused.

Recognize an Opportunity Shift Keynote or Workshop

Opportunity shift is a gift! A leadership development keynote or workshop that assist Veterans in strengthening their communication skills by using a military tactic called, “situational awareness”. There are chances for leadership growth inside a conversation, you just have to know what to listen for, and react. Attendees will learn mindfulness strategies for goal setting, activating initiative, and operating in purpose.


 The Art of Resilience  Keynote or Workshop

Rest in resilience! Push through and overcome mental and emotional stressors from adversity. Avoid a mental overload. Experience a mindset calm while dealing with daily stressors. Free the mind, body and spirit of worry, doubt and frustration. Attendees will learn vital tips to drive through barriers caused by negative thoughts and feelings. Receive fresh insight for positive perspective in difficult circumstances.


 Connect in Peace Keynote or Workshop

Power to the peace! Spiritual Professionals will learn how to use self-evaluating checklist to quickly determine productive business connections and experience peace in the decision-making process. Take a spiritual approach that moves the atmosphere in a room from low to high vibrations. A keynote or workshop that combine spirituality and intention as the foundation for healthy exchanges with like-minded people. Discover the key to unlock peace in business collaborations.

Previous Clients

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  • The Barbara Giordano Foundation
  • Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center
  • U.S. Army Fort Lee Transportation School Command
  • Women of the Chapel Naval Air Station Dam Neck
  • Rejoice! 101.3FM/990AM Richmond, Virginia Radio Station
  • Virginia Supportive Housing- Hampton Roads