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Miyoko is a passionate veteran’s advocate and takes special interest in supporting and mentoring veterans through the transition period after deployment. She is an expert on the issues of military sexual trauma, post-traumatic stress and suicide. She began her military career in the active duty Army in 1995 as a supply clerk and armorer in Air Defense Artillery, stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana and Fort Bliss, Texas. After three years she joined the Iowa National Guard, was assigned to a transportation unit (and became a qualified truck driver), while she studied journalism and psychology at Iowa State University.

A Greenlee School of Journalism Scholarship recipient, she completed her degrees at the top of her class in 2004. Miyoko was mobilized twice—once after September 11th for the Force Protection Security team at Camp Dodge in Iowa for six months, then again in 2003 for a yearlong deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During that year, Miyoko completed over 70 supply-convoy, security and raid missions while also working as the unit journalist. During her nine years of service she earned 12 military decorations.

Miyoko’s current mission is to inform the non-uniformed public about military service, inspire veterans to work toward healing their invisible injuries through art therapy and remind her audience that everyone has a story of value to tell.

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Each of us has a warrior within.  It takes different forms and isn’t about soldierhood but self-awareness and authenticity.  Learn how to be an active participant-observer of your life and tap into your personal resources to elevate you in every area – professionally, socially and personally – giving you renewed purpose and passion for every day.  Learn to embrace your true strengths and delegate to cover your weaknesses so that you are prepared for your battlefield, detecting the mines and pitfalls to become a champion in all circumstances.

You have what it takes to do the job, but becoming a leader doesn’t mean losing yourself.  In male-dominated professions, desirable traits for executives are a win-at-all-costs attitude, emotional detachment, physical and/or verbal toughness-all stereotypical attributes of men.  Women in leadership often play the role of a man in order to gain respect, but that strategy fails as it only reinforces that a woman is not good enough for the job.  Learn how to find balance and ultimately victory through exercising the totality of your strengths.

Army Values are for Everyone: From Combat to Lights, Camera, Action!

Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage.  We know what they mean, but what do they look like in the workplace or in our families?  Ever notice that the people we look up to seem to be good at everything?  That’s because having a universal strategy can work to improve your personal talent to focus, prioritize and follow through and also your relational ability to lead, mentor and co-create.  From soldier to student to actor to writer, every successful career stands atop a solid foundation of values.