Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), CDR, US Navy (ret) Leadership Speaker & Author
High-energy keynote speaker, Mary is focused on using research, laughter, and experience to show professionals how to excel. Mary’s relatable, no-nonsense approach inspires audiences to embrace their roles, surpass their goals, and plan for the future.  

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With over twenty years of leadership experience and a diverse background in the U.S. and abroad, CDR/Dr. Kelly has extensive experience in the areas of Leadership, Productivity, Business Growth, Human Resources, Organizational Management, and Economic Development. Mary has a track record for success as an organizational change agent.

Dr. Kelly developed a business model for the computer and telecommunications organization for personnel hiring, training and retention that was adopted globally by the U. S. Navy. Managing culturally diverse teams, she orchestrated organizational changes for over 3,000 personnel for 2 military base closures. Her ability to problem solve and provide innovative solutions enabled her to transform the Navy’s largest pay and personnel organization from the lowest in customer satisfaction to the highest in the nation in 18 months, with 23% fewer employees.

As a speaker and presenter, Mary pulls from her diverse experience to provide keynote presentations that are engaging and compelling, leaving audiences wanting more. With a warm, entertaining, and sincere style, CDR Kelly uses her vast knowledge to provide informative presentations that hold the interest of her audience.

After over 20 of years of leading diverse teams all over the world, Dr. Kelly’s approach to leadership is immediately practical and applicable. She has real world leadership experience and she shares it with her groups. Her Leadership Lessons from the Dog discussion is an enjoyable, interactive approach to getting the behaviors you want from the people who surround you. The communication session focuses on solving and resolving common misunderstandings in the workplace. Finally, Dr. Kelly helps her audiences stay mindful of what is important for success.  CDR Kelly’s program suggestions can be applied as soon as the audience leaves the room with immediate results.

A popular speaker for both the U.S. Naval Academy and Hawaii Pacific University’s Speakers’ Bureaus on topics of finance, leadership, communication, and management. As an Emcee, Mary facilitates panels for economic, leadership, and business conferences. She has conducted over 3,000 seminars on financial, business, human resources, management and leadership topics to all levels of private and government corporations.

Dr. Kelly is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, earned an M.A. in economics from the University of Oklahoma, and M.A. in history from the University of Hawaii, and a PhD in economics from Greenwich University.

Speaking Programs

Below are a few of Dr. Mary Kelly’s Programs. Complete selection of programs are available on Mary’s website. Programs are available as Live Presentation | Virtual Keynote | Live Streaming I Webinar | Keynote and Full-Day Programs


P.I.V.O.T. – Strategic and Tactical Leadership Through a Crisis to Grow Your Business

  1. Define your PURPOSE with an unshakeable plan
  2. INSPIRE your team to innovate, invent, and influence in your market
  3. Rate your situational and employee VOLATILITY factors
  4. Identify OPPORTUNITIES in ever-changing environments
  5. Embrace new TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, and TRAINING to ensure success


Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy 

  • Understand what a comprehensive succession plan is, and why it’s a must-have for your business
  • Gain the knowledge needed to compete in today’s marketplace
  • Challenge your beliefs of what true leadership means
  • Learn to share your experience to create a legacy
  • Prepare a customized succession plan ready for immediate implementation

Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success

These are the new rules, the seven positive steps to success that are crucial for every leader to embrace:

  • Understand why your top talent is not performing to their potential
  • Learn specific actions that lead to short and long-term success
  • Control how you are perceived by your team, peers and superiors
  • Identify behaviors that are sabotaging the loyalty and productivity of the people working around you
  • Entertaining, content-rich and data-based general session

Futurenomics:  The Economic Snapshot You Need to See Today

Join Dr. Mary Kelly, one of the world’s most valued economists, as she exposes the true meaning of the current economic structure and what that means for your organization’s future.

  • Learn to operate and make decisions from facts and data, not emotions
  • Understand what the changes in international trade mean for your industry
  • Gain a valuable understanding of today’s economy to improve profits and safeguard your businesses’ bottom line
  • Prepare your team for what is to come in 2025 and beyond

Master Your World: Today’s Game Plan for Maximum Profits, Peak Productivity, and Top Communication

We hear the word leadership a lot around the office. But, do we understand what it means to be a leader – regardless of our job title or our place on the ladder? Leadership isn’t just a plan for the supervisors and CEOs.  Leadership is a set of principles that affects every employee, every team member, and every consumer. Leadership is what differentiates the ordinary from the amazing.

  • Understand how leadership creates a productive and constructive team
  • Learn how loyalty and relationships affect your bottom line
  • Realize what most employees say they are not getting from their supervisors and leaders that causes them to leave
  • Create a culture of dynamic communication


You’ve seen the statistics….
More than 45% of today’s workforce are millennials. Ten thousand boomers are retiring each day. There are six million vacant job opportunities in the US. Companies are on a race to secure the right talent that will ensure their business survives the shifting workforce. Team leaders are navigating the new ways of the workplace….remote work, less direct communication, employee loneliness, and dissatisfaction. It’s a brave new world and you’ve got to be A.R.M.E.D.

In one of Mary’s most popular keynotes, you’ll learn to:

  • Attract the right customers and people to your organization
  • Recruit/Retain the right talent to serve customers and create experiences
  • Mentor/Manage current and emerging leaders to full potential
  • Evolve forward-thinking leadership as the corporate culture
  • Develop teams and talent for future success

CLASSIFIED! The Military’s Top Secret Leadership Secrets

Ridiculous gossip, petty competitions, office drama…it’s the stuff you tell your family members about over the dinner table. We laugh and exchange knowing glances, but it’s also what’s keeping your organization from being successful. Workplace distractions, desire for credit, and personal agendas are what stops your team from being productive and accomplishing their goals. Goals are something that the military knows a lot about!

Did you ever wonder how the armed forces deal with these challenges in tough situations? How does the military turn inexperience into cooperative and successful team members? Retired Navy Commander, Dr. Mary C. Kelly lets you in on the top secrets of the military and how they can turn your team around.

Mary will give you the information to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of those around you
  • Learn to work together to set and surpass goals
  • Conquer the obstacles that are poisonous to a productive workplace
  • Communicate with each generation, personality, and background

15 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy

Still on edge from 2007? Anxious about political turmoil? The economy is an ever-shifting giant that can greatly affect the way we run our business and even our lives. Don’t be reactionary to the ups and downs of the market – learn what you can do to build and grow your business in any economy.

In this in-demand session you’ll learn to:

  • Put together a concise and effective business plan
  • Manage and optimize the strengths and weaknesses of your team
  • Embrace people’s differences and differentiation
  • Take action to better engage those around you
  • Optimize your business relationships to ensure your career is viable and thriving