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LaGuardia Kotite is an experienced TEDx and keynote speaker featured on Fox News, CBS and Fox and Friends. Her bold leadership style empowered her to be one of the first female officers to serve and lead aboard two US Coast Guard cutters with all male crews.

Patrolling the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean Sea, Martha remained true to herself while changing the rules of engagement. Rising to the senior officer rank of captain, Martha served 29 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and was recognized for her leadership during mobilizations for national disasters, missions saving lives at sea and work as a public relations spokesperson for a corporate client and the commandant of the US Coast Guard.

Using her own “sea stories” and her profiles of top-leaders featured in her award-winning books, she makes a difference and empowers teams, helping them redefine what they can be and can do.

A Sample of Martha’s Clients

Splunk ~ TEDx ~ Jacobs Engineering ~ General Electric ~ Defense Acquisitions University ~ Astellas ~ IBM ~ Harkcon Academy ~ COSTA Leadership Institute ~ Northwest Florida State College ~ American Business Women’s Association ~ Council on Foreign Relations ~ North Okaloosa Medical Center ~ Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation ~ Fort Walton Beach Women’s Club ~ Ruckel Middle School ~ Niceville High School ~ Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce ~ Walton County Chamber of Commerce ~ American Warrior Radio ~ Sea Service Leadership Association ~ Joint Women’s Leadership Symposium ~ U.S. Coast Guard Academy ~ U.S. Coast Guard ~ Academy Women Organization

Speaking Programs

CREATING A CULTURE OF EMPOWERMENT: BE BOLD, BE FIRST, BE  YOU  Keynote or Workshop. Also offered as a virtual seminar series or virtual workshops.

Learn how key differentiating factors attract top talent, build trust, help businesses succeed and inspire leaders.

This presentation will teach you and your team how to BE BOLD, BE FIRST, BE YOU and create a successful team and culture of empowerment.

For: Corporations and Professional Organizations

CHANGING THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT: BUILDING A HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAM  Keynote or Workshop. Also offered as a virtual seminar series or virtual workshops.

As a master story teller, Martha delivers fascinating leadership stories and empowering discussions from the military to the boardroom to motivate both teams and individuals.

Martha will offer the critical steps your team needs to embrace for high tempo environments and function as a high performing team. Your team will leave empowered to perform at their best!

For: Corporations and Professional Organizations

LEADING YOUR CREW THROUGH CALM AND TURBULENT SEAS   Keynote or Workshop. Also offered as a virtual seminar series or virtual workshops.

Offered as a keynote or interactive workshop engaging attendees to address complex challenges in calm or demanding environments, determine actionable solutions and engage in the steps for success.

For: Corporations and Professional Organizations


After surviving a suicide in her family, Martha set on a course to try and stop suicides. She shares her experiences with suicide as a survivor and documentary producer / director of suicide prevention training video.

The audience will realize that everyone has a place and purpose in this life and our unique differences are valuable contributions to humanity. Even in a dark moment, we can see the light. We can help each other return to the light and our unique purpose and place in this life.


Corals are animals with tiny, tentacle-like arms for capturing food from the water. They permanently attach themselves to the ocean floor, forming coral reefs, supporting and sustaining the sensitive marine ecosystems surrounding them.

Coral reefs are declining all over the world. The causes of coral decline are varied and include overfishing, unsustainable tourism, pollution, ocean warming and some direct destruction of the reefs. The health of our oceans is directly related to our own health  and the ocean’s health– both matter.

Informative and educational presentation that illuminates awareness of our oceans’ health. Audiences learn actionable steps to help make a difference and win one for the corals.


Martha is the award winning author of:

  • So Others May Live – from the Coast Guard to your team, lessons learned rescuing lives, defying death
  • Changing the Rules of Engagement, Inspiring Stories of Courage and Leadership From Women In The Military – from the military to the boardroom courageous leadership profiles
  • My Name Is Old Glory- Unifying us! The story of the power and passion of our flag (with Trish Marx)
  • Innovators: Rock Stars of STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)
  • Legacy: A History of the Coast Guard Foundation