Engaging & Entertaining Conference Keynote Speaker. Recognized as a TOP PRESENTER by audiences and meeting planners.
Julie Holmes lights the fuse for innovation!  Inventor and entrepreneur with 25+ years of real-world corporate sales & marketing experience.
 Julie’s programs are UNIQUELY CRAFTED for your audience!

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Why Hire Julie as Your Next Speaker?

Julie is a dynamo on stage. She exudes a confidence and infectious enthusiasm that makes audiences sit up and lean forward. Her tongue in cheek (and sometimes self-deprecating) humor makes her relatable and entertaining. Through a combination of examples, strategies, insightful and humorous personal stories, she gets people to think differently and inspires them to take action. Whether it’s an audience of 100 CEOs or 3,000 front-line employees, everyone feels empowered, enlightened and entertained.

Julie’s Ideal Audience

Technology ~ Professional Services ~ Hospitality ~ Banking & Finance   Education Retail ~ Consumer Packaged Goods ~ Mixed-Executive & C-Suite Groups ~ Women’s Groups/Events

Julie has over 20 years of corporate experience in Enterprise Software and, as such, has worked with virtually every industry there is. She is adept at delivering examples and stories that reflect the audience and inspire them.

Corporate or Association audiences for Julie range from leaders to front-line staff. What all have in common is the desire and ability to think differently and take actions (small or large).

Her ideal event is LARGE CONFERENCES with >500 attendees and while she enjoys rolling up her sleeves with smaller groups, she is a dynamic and confident big stage speaker.

 Member Profile

Julie Holmes is an inventor, entrepreneur, veteran, founder, corporate survivor, sales evangelist, award-winning international keynote speaker, and an enthusiastic presenter.

For 25 years Julie honed her strategy, marketing, and sales skills with enterprise technology companies. More recently, she’s founded 2 companies including her newest venture that took one of her “harebrained ideas” from hacked-up prototype to a delivered product in just 90 days. That product is now loved and used in over 25 countries around the world.

At the highest level, Julie works with business leaders and executives to spot new profit and value opportunities by sharing the six innovation strategies leveraged by all world-class organizations. From there, innovation goes exponential as she helps leaders, teams and individuals to capitalize on their existing resources and embrace creativity at all levels.

Since she was a young girl, Julie has been creating and inventing with whatever she could find – and that philosophy of scrappy bootstrapping serves as the foundation of all her programs today. Innovation doesn’t have to be hard or expensive and it shouldn’t be locked in a tower away from the people that know the business and the market best.

Whether we need to improve our sales processes to get clients to talk to us more often, develop our leadership strategies so our teams will stay motivated and inspired, or creating a culture that breeds innovation with just the right amount of effort – Innovation for the Rest of Us captures the power of the people.

While Julie has a blast sharing her passion and business building strategies, her favorite part is hearing and seeing the results her audiences experience when they action those ideas: more sales, more innovation, more confidence, more positivity, and more fun.

Speaking Programs

Think Like an Inventor ~ The Mindset and Motivation to Spot Opportunities, Take Initiative, & Embrace Change

It’s not my problem.” “It’s not my job.” “I wouldn’t know where to start.” “I can’t.” “I won’t.” “I quit.”

Imagine inventors saying these kinds of phrases. What if those inventors STOPPED thinking, creating and solving? Terrifying, right?!

But this is exactly what’s happening in YOUR teams, organization and maybe even in your own mind every single day. Whether it’s problem-solving around product development, improving customer service, a time-saving process that leads to better productivity or trying a different way to attract and retain employees –thinking like an inventor changes the game for all of these and so much more!

Finding opportunities to “invent” starts with just one little word and it ends with collaboration, teamwork and an attitude of ownership. Learn how you and your organization can turn the tables on your performance by simply knowing how to think like an inventor.

This highly motivational and inspiring keynote engages and enlightens while empowering your people with the kind of thinking that creates solutions (and an attitude) that is truly inspiring. We’re all inventors at heart; some of us just don’t know it yet!

Ideal For:

  • Opening & Closing Keynotes
  • Department/Company Events
  • Conferences of all Sizes

Innovation Exposed ~ The Six Strategies Companies Use to Get Ahead and Stay that Way

Your competition is moving FAST. And you have new competitors entering the market all the time. In fact, your customers have more choices every single day. So, what are you doing to keep up, stand out and get ahead?

Innovation is critical for your business to survive but all that takes time, resources and a budget the size of a small country. And even if you had all that, what could you do? You can’t turn out new products any faster!

Take a deep breath and get out your notepad – it’s time to master the six strategies that ALL innovative companies use to get ahead and stay that way.

You’ll be able to react quickly, pivot on demand and spot new opportunities on the horizon once you know and leverage this secret sauce. And the best part is that you get to reuse these strategies again and again to continually differentiate and dominate.

Ideal For:

  • Executive Conferences
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Strategy-Focused Events

Little Big Bangs for Leaders ~ How Great Leaders Can Innovate with (Almost) No Effort

Have you lost an employee that was really valuable to your business (and to you)? What if you could have prevented that by thinking outside the box? What if you could become the leader that everyone wants to work for because you think differently, connect better and inspire them?

It’s time to light the fuse on your creativity and generate the little big bangs that will make your teams reach for the stars and celebrate together.

In this interactive keynote, you’ll master a key innovation strategy, be challenged to share real-world leadership challenges and then we’ll crowdsource innovative, realistic Little Big Bangs to address them. Everyone will leave with relevant and practical ideas that can be leveraged right away.  The best part, however, is that the strategies you experience during this program can be repeated back at your office to continually up your leadership or to share with your teams to encourage creative thinking and problem solving.

Ideal For:             

  • Leadership Conferences/Retreats
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Company Events

Little Big Bangs for Sales ~ How Great Sales Pros Can Use Innovation to Sell More and Sell Smarter with (Almost) No Effort

From prospecting to qualifying, contracting to closing – all eyes are on you to deliver the revenue. But how much money are you leaving on the table by doing the same things you’ve always done? It’s time to get creative and apply the principles of innovation to sales.

Little Big Bang innovations are all about speed and impact. For example, how could you get prospects to call YOU instead of the other way around? Maybe you need a clever strategy to restart that stalled sales cycle. Or you’ve relied on the same handful of customers as references and now you need to grow that pool.

Julie shows you how to spot the easy places where you can improve your sales process. As a result, you’ll close more deals, get more money and create happy customers that stay longer.

In this interactive keynote, you’ll leverage the hidden highs and lows of your prospect’s journey, find the gaps in your sales process and apply proven innovation techniques to keep your prospects and customers loving you (and buying from you) every single day.

Ideal For:             

  • Sales and Revenue Focused Conferences
  • Company Sales Kick-off Events

Little Big Bangs for Service ~ Increase Customer Retention. Lower Support Costs. Innovate Your Service. (with Almost No Effort)

How many of your customers are considering switching to your competition right now?

You know it’s expensive to replace a lost customer and that it damages your team’s moral every time it happens. But there’s an easy (and fun) way that you can keep more customers, make them happier and also empower your people to become creative service superstars.

By embracing innovation for the rest of us, you unleash an army of problem solvers and opportunity spotters. With Little Big Bangs for Service, you’ll be giving them the tools and skills to find powerful and profitable innovation opportunities in every interaction.

Using the Customer Emotion Map™, you’ll get to know your customers’ experience in a whole new way and find the touchpoint gaps and opportunities that are just waiting to be addressed with your innovative solutions.

Your customers – and your bottom line – will love you for you it!

Ideal For:             

  • Customer and Professional Service Conferences
  • Customer-centric Organization Events

That’s a Bright Idea ~ Find, Evaluate and Develop Ideas with Impact When You Unleash Your Commercial Creativity

Don’t let anyone fool you! There are plenty of BAD ideas.

In fact, it’s these bad ideas that cause management to stifle bottom-up innovation and decide that it’s more hassle than it’s worth to involve their teams in problem solving. In some cases, those same managers might even believe that creative problem solving is a mystic art that requires decades of study and a pilgrimage to Google.

But AMAZING, CLEVER, CREATIVE and PROFITABLE ideas are inside every single one of us. Imagine an unlimited supply of solutions and opportunities that have been carefully crafted and vetted.

All you need are inspiration, consistent creative strategies and the right set of tools – all of which can be found using Julie’s B.R.I.G.H.T. idea process.

Whether you are looking to spot new opportunities in your department or get innovative about how you serve your customers (internal or external), you’ll leave this session as an idea machine.

Ideal For:             

  • Team Building Events
  • Company-wide Conferences
  • Cross-industry Conventions (e.g. User Groups, Product Conferences, etc.)
  • Professional Development Sessions