Registered Nurse, Author & Certified John Maxwell Leadership Speaker & Coach
With 35 years of nursing and team leadership experience, Irmadene offers impactful workshops and coaching, teaching companies, teams & individuals how to create deeper connections and increased positive influence with a focus on caring for yourself and living intentionally!                                   

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A certified John C. Maxwell Speaker, Coach, and Trainer, Irmadene Hanson is the CEO & Founder of MAGNIFY Your Influence, a Leadership Development Company.  Irmadene uses engaging concepts and realistic tools that individuals and teams can use to drive their leadership skills to the next level. She intimately understands the challenges of the healthcare field, specifically in rural America, where she has successfully navigated those challenges as a leader of nurses, striving to serve in an increasingly demanding environment.

As leaders, we are always looking for a way to maximize our results. When you MAGNIFY your ability to influence others it changes those results from mediocre to excellent! If you are ready to jump-start your capacity to communicate at a higher level and connect with others in growth and support, Irmadene can help. Her audiences and clients experience aha moments and eye opening solutions as she delivers proven methods to stretch their thoughts on communication, connection, and influence.  Irmadene challenges you to transform the way you interact with people with stories of struggles and successes, helping you to step into YOUR strength as a better leader at home and in the workplace.

Specialties & Expertise

  • Registered Nurse with 35 years’ experience in Senior Services
  • John Maxwell Coach and Trainer
  • Toastmasters past president and present member
  • Communication
  • Connection & Influence
  • Intentional Living
  • Personal Growth & Professional Development
  • Healthcare
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Women in Leadership
  • Motivation

Speaking Programs


Get out of your head, move outside of your comfort zone and step into your strength!  This powerful presentation will ask you to examine your thoughts on dreaming big, improving your mindset and taking the power back from your limiting beliefs.  Hearing and believing you CAN will help you become the person you were meant to be.

WHAT? WHAT DID YOU SAY WRONG? Keynote or Workshop

It’s true, some people have the gift of speaking so smoothly we instantly relate.  Others say it all wrong and still others struggle to get their point across at all?  Knowing ourselves, how we reallyfeel (it’s not what you think) and effectively verbalizing it is truly an art. When you do, you connect; when you connect you increase your chances dramatically at living and working in harmony!


Successful lives and great leadership do not occur accidentally, they come by design. The standards you set, the short-term goals you share and long-term strategies you implement must be intentional!  Irmadene walks you through concepts that will provide a working plan to develop goals and strategies that will benefit you, your family and your entire organization.

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