Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Pilot, Corporate Leader, Trainer and Speaker specializing in Values Based Leadership, Career Planning, Professional & Personal Development, Innovative Technologies and Business Growth Strategies

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The daughter of Argentine immigrants, Ingrid Centurion is a true embodiment of the American Dream, who knows what it takes to win in a male-dominated profession, having served twenty-two years in the US Army. She operated in mission critical environments from the cockpit of multiple aircraft platforms UH-1H (Huey), UH-60 (Blackhawk), RC-12P (Guardrail) to the controls of ground robots and unmanned aircraft systems. She was the first female Company Commander of an all-male Hispanic flight training company at the Western Hemisphere Institute of Security and Cooperation at the United States Army Aviation Flight Training Center of Excellence. Ingrid flew missions worldwide and is used to working in fast-moving dynamic environments where real-time actionable intelligence is critical. Similar challenges are found in dynamic business markets, where critical decision making is key to evolving environments and business success.

Ingrid currently serves as the CEO of Centurion Technologies Consulting, providing intelligence services to entrepreneurial advanced technology firms, small and medium-sized business, and aerospace & defense companies to help them win in quickly transforming markets. She is also the Chief Marketing Officer of an MIT startup company called Lunar Station Corporation which provides Moon Navigational Services for organizations interested in scientific and business opportunities on the Moon. Ingrid produces and hosts her own local cable TV Show called “Inspiring Careers” to help future generation of leaders.

Ingrid grew up with an avid interest in sports, science, and mathematics. She started flying aircraft at the age of 17 and became a Commercial Pilot and Single/Multi-engine Instrument Instructor by the age of 20. Ingrid received a B.S. in Aeronautical Technology and an M.S. in Aviation Operations & Management.

Speaking Programs

Ingrid encourages her audiences to strive for creativity in the workplace..make a difference in their own life…make a difference in the lives around them

SOARING TO THE TOP: Are you on an upward path? (Keynote)

Advancing in any industry takes career planning, making the right career moves, asking for what you want, and accomplishing specific goals within your timeline. Education, performance, and responsibilities are all a part of climbing the senior executive road map.

Learn what it takes to make it to the top of your game! This presentation will cover Ingrid’s personal experience and studies of successful senior executive women analyzing obstacles as well as taking a look at the right moves that were made that led to their advancement and success. You will learn:
• Know when to move
• Know when to ask for the raise
• How to layout out your 5 to 10 year career plan
• How to avoid complacency and challenge yourself.

Suggested Audience: executives, corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, women’s events, universities
Value: audience learns keys to career path success and how to navigate obstacles


Ingrid Centurion became a pilot at 17; won a body building competition at 27; started her own business, is caretaker for her mother; and runs a local cable TV Show called “Inspiring Careers”. Confidence is a basic human strength that not everyone uses. Evidence shows that confident people get promoted more quickly and is important in both private and public settings. Workplaces are negatively affected by bullying, internal pressures, and external pressures. Ingrid’s confidence talk will strengthen the workplace and your employees. Ingrid knows how to boost productivity, resilience, and wellbeing at the personal and professional levels.

Suggested Audience: executives, corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, women’s events, universities
Value: audience learns how to find and build upon one’s own confidence and overcome self-doubt and negative people


Ingrid Centurion is the CEO of Centurion Technologies Consulting, Professional Speaker, Advisor to VETRN and Interise Business Instructor. Starting out in business is exciting but most businesses fail within their first 2 to 5 years. Yet, with all the resources out there to help you start your business then why do so many fail? This presentation will cover the realities of a small business owner and how to endure and overcome the hardships of business before you make the decision.

Learn what you really need to survive:
• Self assessment
• Your personal and business goals
• Strategic growth plan
• Essentials of a business plan

Suggested Audience: small business, entrepreneurs, women’s events, universities
Value: audience learns the ups and downs of starting a business and key pointers to succeeding


Entrepreneur, Veteran, Wife, Mother, Leader… Ingrid Centurion utilizes her own values to navigate her life, career, and success! Learn how to use personal values to motivate and inspire yourself and others to make better decisions that are simultaneously good for yourself and your organizations goals. Values Based Leadership Workshops will improve your organizations performance and achieve personal satisfaction in the workplace. Understanding your own personal values in the context of work is vital in building great teams. After these workshops, you will gain clarity in your purpose and have a tool to help you make better decisions.

Suggested Audience: executives, corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, women’s events, high school and universities
Value: audience learns how to utilize their own values and the values of their company to succeed


Technology has the power to change human behavior. It has become almost commonplace now for us to change the way we do things the instant technology adapts to serve particular needs. Once the technology is there to provide a new and better solution, that change becomes permanent and we never look back. Can we truly change behavior through applications? Having worked with various app companies and startups that are trying to build that global app that will change the world, we will explore case studies of how even the best application will not change behavior based on attitude and beliefs. The difference comes down to whether the behavior is a “wanna” versus a “hafta.”

Suggested Audience: executives, corporations, small business, entrepreneurs, women’s events
Value: audience learns how technology impacts behavior and how to best posture technology to improve an organization

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