Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP), CW2 (RET) US Army, Former Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot
Energizing, Entertaining, and Enlightening YOUR Next Event, Inspiring YOUR Leaders to ACTION

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Former Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Energizing, Entertaining, and Enlightening YOUR Next Event by Inspiring YOUR Leaders to ACTION with unique stories from her experiences in Aviation with take-aways that are immediately implementable and WILL EMPOWER your leaders and teams to STAND UP and get RESULTS.

“Elizabeth is an Experience Maker” – So much more than your keynote speaker, Elizabeth McCormick’s goal is to be a part of your conference attendees’ EXPERIENCE.

When you book Elizabeth for your event, you’ll receive more than customized content given from the stage!

Pre-Event (Pre-Flight)
Most speakers will schedule a conference call with you prior to the event and customize their content. Elizabeth does this and so much more…..

Seeking more registrations? Elizabeth will shoot a customized video just for your event to embed into your registration page or include in your emails. Having this video has proven to increase registrations 13%

Want your registered attendees to feel special? “I can’t wait to see you!” Elizabeth will also shoot a customized video just for your event thanking your attendees for registering and sharing a few of the exciting things they have in store – what ever you provide!

Composing newsletter or blog content? Elizabeth will write a blog post/newsletter article on a topic of your choice.

During the Event (In Flight)
Most speakers just show up, some show up right before their speaking time and leave shortly after.

Creating an experience for your attendees? Elizabeth is willing to stay for your entire event (as requested). Attendees LOVE being able to connect with the keynote speaker before and after they speak. Elizabeth will wear her flight suit (unless requested otherwise) and be available in a designated place for pictures, autographs and book sales. She is friendly and personable with your attendees.

“Elizabeth is just as genuine in the hallway as she is on stage!” ~ Ilda G. event attendee

Have VIP’s? Top performers? Give them an additional perk of being seated with Elizabeth at a meal, or special meet and greet time during the event. Have a charity you’re supporting during the event? Auction a seat at the table with Elizabeth or front row seating during her keynote. Elizabeth will work with you to ensure attendees feel special.

Unique Gifts for your attendees? If requested in advance, Elizabeth will provide each attendee with a silicone wristband in your company color with her signature message: “See a Need, LEAD”

Add a personal touch? Autographs, photo opportunities and personal Q & A time. Elizabeth is often chosen as the “CLOSER” keynote to energize audiences, empower individuals, and anchor objectives; Elizabeth plans on staying as long as it takes. Every attendee who would like a picture taken with Elizabeth, will leave with one!

After the Event (Post-Flight)
As you know, just because the event is over, doesn’t mean it’s over…

What worked? What needs improvement? Elizabeth will be available for a post-event call to after action review the event. What keynote message really resonated with the attendees? What message could use more emphasis?

Emphasize objectives! Elizabeth will shoot a short training video emphasizing one lesson or message. This can be for the attendees, or to send to those who were unable to attend.

Composing newsletter or blog content? Elizabeth will write a blog post/newsletter article on that topic of your choice.

Elizabeth truly connects with your audience throughout the event and makes it an “EXPERIENCE” for them. Why wait? Book Elizabeth Now.

What events can I hire Elizabeth for?
  • Opening and Closing Energizing Keynote Speaking
  • Business Seminars Association Conferences and Conventions
  • Sales Meetings
  • Emcee Women’s Conferences
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Youth Assemblies College Conferences
  • Training Events

Your audience will leave inspired, motivated, energized and empowered!

Speaking Programs

SOAR 2 SUCCESS! (Keynote)
Elizabeth’s most requested Energizing and Entertaining Keynote

Through her real-life experiences about being an Army Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth uses humor and vulnerability to share the lessons learned relating to today’s business and life. Your audience will be inspired to Soar 2 Success!

Your Audience will be learn to:

  • Believe in themselves to accomplish their goals no matter what is happening around them.
  • Determine their success factor within them to focus on being their best.
  • Lead from where they are, influencing others to climb to a higher level of success.

Leadership Keynote- Elizabeth teaches your audience to Fly a Helicopter!

Army Black Hawk Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick, shares the secrets to her success in life and business while overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot.

Real-life experiences are presented with humor and candor, inspiring your audience to FLY! Your audience will leave knowing how to:

  • Unlock the key to boosting their confidence
  • Discover the success principle that raises their satisfaction
  • Lead with the three pillars of C.A.N. leadership
  • Soar to a higher level of success when influencing others to lead

THE P.I.L.O.T. METHOD (Workshop)
Workshop Training based on Elizabeth’s popular personal development book The P.I.L.O.T. Method

Elizabeth reveals her life and business success formula, directly from her book by the same name, in this motivational keynote.

Your audience will leave feeling:

  • Reignited with a passion for their abilities in business
  • Driven to lead themselves and others to a higher level of success
  • Focused and energized to act on the lessons taught in the P.I.L.O.T. Method

Soar 2 Success –  Elizabeth’s most requested presentation customized and tailored to customer service training.

Elizabeth shares her story of becoming and being a helicopter pilot in a humorous way that relates to both men and women then segue-way that into high performance principles for business!

  • Belief ZONE- Confidence leads to Competence to Excellence – starts with YOU
  • Practice Makes….   Perfect – Or does it?  Practice Makes PERMANENT  (with the story of how I almost failed flight school) — how you perform every day makes a difference day over day
  • Implementation– How to get more DONE! Improve focus and achievement!
  • Leadership–  Using my 3 principles of CAN Leadership:
  • Communicate-  being proactive and more effective
  • Aviate- taking action
  • Navigate- knowing where you are going and thinking through the outcomes
  • Optimal Performance–   Maintaining and sustaining a higher level of performance through Focus (yes again!) and positive attitude.  Most importantly learn the 2 strategies to LIFT your attitude (time dependent)!!