Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (ret), Former Intelligence Officer. Desert Shield/Desert Storm Veteran, Creator and CEO Girl Smarts, Speaker & Writer, 2020 Gold Award blogger of the Parenting & Media Association
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Dianna is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and a combat veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm receiving several awards during her service including the Bronze Star for her work with deployed units in the desert, and the Legion of Merit in recognition of her career of service.

Dianna has a wide selection of speaker topics based on her unique career as a senior Army Officer, FBI leadership and management trainer and founder and CEO of Girl Smarts.  Dianna also teams with her husband, Steven Flett, also a former Army Officer, to offer a very unique keynote based on their experiences during the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

As the founder & CEO of Girl Smarts. Girl Smarts works with parents, school administration and teachers to instill the essence of leadership in fourth and fifth grade girls supporting their future success. Dianna has spoken on several occasions to education professionals about her initiatives to empower and strengthen elementary school girls. Her innovative workshop series is spreading quickly throughout the state of Virginia. Since starting with 24 girls and four workshops in 2009 Girl Smarts has conducted hundreds of workshops empowering over 3,500 girls in dozens of locations in Central and Northern Virginia.

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During this call to action Dianna focuses on the important role that every woman has in mentoring the next generation of women leaders.  The underrepresentation of women in leadership rolls is staggering.  The lack of positive role models for young girls in elementary, middle and high school in popular culture is also a void just aching to be filled with strong voices of strong women.  During this presentation Dianna de-mystifies the idea of what a “strong woman” is, who “the leaders” are and asks every woman to examine what she can contribute to the conversation and the culture of leadership for our girls.  You will leave this presentation knowing that YOU can and should be a part of the mission to make our girls everyday leaders in their lives.  It’s not about taking the hill, or running the corporation or managing a fortune 500 company, it is about living your best life and mentoring those girls you know to be confident in who they are.  It’s about living IN the world and not just ON it. Ideal for Women’s Groups


 THE COMMUNICATE WITH CONFIDENCE workshop is designed to give your team strategies and skills to communicate effectively with peers, work though conflict and provide feedback in a productive way. Dianna has presented this workshop in the classroom, to FBI leadership and as a part of the Public Leadership Education Network in Washington DC. In every case the attendees have felt better equipped to communicate as a part of the team they support and in support of themselves.  

Add-on’s for extensions of this workshop/topic:

Generational Differences – Workshop on how to navigate generational differences in the workforce.

The Veterans Advantage – Workshop add on to include a discussion on how to retain your veteran workforce.


Dianna’s keynote will speak to the entrepreneurial hearts and minds. Learn about her own journey as an entrepreneur as she’s worked to grow her voluntary work with one school and 24 girls to a program in Northern Virginia that has now empowered close to 3,500 girls a year in 4 counties and 21 schools.  THE RELUCTANT ENTREPRENEUR will motivate, lift and inspire your group to take on the world and embrace their entrepreneurial journey.


Husband and wife team, retired Lieutenant Colonel Dianna Flett and retired Major Steven Flett, offer a unique perspective of courage, family, commitment and selfless service as soldiers at ground zero in Washington DC on 9-11. Steve was the senior intelligence officer inside the Chief of Staff of the Army’s war room located below the sight of impact at the Pentagon. Across the Potomac, Lieutenant Colonel  Dianna was the Army Officer in Charge of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) response team. Listen as Dianna describes what it was like being the DIA Officer in Charge, the wife watching the Pentagon on fire with her husband inside and as the mom with three small boys at home, combined with being 8 months pregnant with her fourth son.  The audience will walk away with a better appreciation of what all veteran’s and families do, have done and are prepared to do in their service to their country.


After 8 years teaching empowerment programs in Virginia, Dianna Flett, founder and CEO of The Girl Smarts Group, Inc. will share her lessons learned, observations and proven methods for reaching and empowering our girls to give them lifelong leadership skills.  Working with over 3500 girls over the 8 years of the Girl Smarts program, Dianna’s stories are lifting, eye opening and above all inspiring for your team to realize the difference they can make in any girl’s future.




During this presentation Dianna will take you through the evolution of her program Girl Smarts and her insights from seven years working with hundreds of elementary and middle school girls. She will explore the challenges facing our girls today and provide a glimpse into the real world our girls are navigating starting as early as 8 years old. Without pulling any punches, Dianna will talk about what we are doing right and wrong as adults and the messages we’re sending with our actions. We’ll cover what has happened that brought us from the days of “free to be you and me” to the days of “you’re either in or you’re out.” At the end of this session moms and dads will see their daughters with a fresh understanding and new realization of how they can help their daughters be “confident, capable and in control.”


Dianna facilitates the Girl Smarts workshops as a stand alone or in combination over a full or half day of workshops.  Give them a day of empowerment and watch them grow!

These workshops are also great for summer programs.

The workshops can be structured to fit your time windows and are appropriate for girls 8 to 12.  Older girls are welcome to attend and support as mentors and assistants. You provide the venue and we will provide the rest!

Words Count – and sometimes they hurt – The first of two sessions on bullying, our “Words Count” class sensitizes the girls to the impacts and outcomes of bullying behavior. Through skits, interactive play and the creation of life size paper dolls; the girls come to understand and empathize with their peers who are experiencing bullying.

What cha gonna do? – The second part of our series on bullying focusing on specific strategies and tools to stand against negative inputs from others. Through guided interactive sessions, the girls actually “talk back” to the bully and learn to “break contact” from a position of strength.

Mean Girls – why they do what they do – This workshop digs deep into the mindset of the middle and high school mean girl.  We’ve all seen her and just cannot seem to understand why she’s doing the things she does.  This workshop will take your girls “behind the scenes” into the world of the mean girls as we talk about and work through strategies to get those girls, their voices and their seemingly never end.

I can relate – Building healthy friendships and being a good friend – This class helps girls understand the importance of respecting themselves and others as new friendships develop and old friendships are redefined.


Do you want to have an outstanding program for your girls?  Bring Dianna in to run any one of her Girl Smarts workshops as a stand alone or in combination over a full or half day of workshops.  Give them a day of empowerment and watch them grow!

These workshops are also great for summer programs. 

Any of the workshops can be structured to fit your time windows and are appropriate for girls 8 to 12.  Older girls are welcome to attend and support as mentors and assistants. You provide the venue and we will provide the rest!

FACE TO FACE – The workshop teaches girls the importance of making a strong first impression.  We go over the basics of how to properly greet people; the importance of good posture, help them understand how quickly people will assess them based on their first introductions.  In an age of electronics, we teach and practice the art of conversation and give them strategies to help them comfortably maintain eye contact with their peers and adults.

WHEN BEAUTY BECOMES THE BEAST! – This class explores beauty and the changing definition of beauty over the years. We talk about building real beauty and how to define what is important in our lives. We explore the impact of photo shopping on the girl’s impressions of movie stars and popular figures. Using videos and discussion we learn to start accepting our own shapes and sizes and introduce strategies toward building a healthy lifestyle.

YOGA, YUMMIES AND YOU! – A follow on to our “Beauty and the Beast” workshop; we talk to the girls about healthy eating; give them ideas on how to attain their goals physically and emotionally and bring in a local expert on fitness and yoga. Using a local fitness professional we introduce the girls to the basics of exercise. The session includes an actual workout (about 20 minutes of light aerobics) and then a switch to stress management using techniques taught through yoga. This seminar is very high energy and especially important to confirm for the girls that they are in charge of their bodies and their physical and emotional health.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: ORGANIZING FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL AND BEYOND! – In this powerful class, we talk to the girls about the most important aspects of the middle school experience. We provide all sorts of tips and strategies for the girls to get them started on the right foot for their coming school year. Our goal is to turn their anxieties into excitement and their fears into confidence as they take their first steps toward their futures.

VALUES – THE REAL GEMS IN LIFE – Our values session is one of our best received by the girls. During this class, the girls consider the importance of living a values based life. We work with them in small groups to talk about what values are, and then help them identify what they believe the top values in their lives are. By discussing real world, tough scenarios and asking what they would do in specific situations; we tie their values to their decisions.


This class focuses on giving the girls techniques to use to turn their dreams into goals and their goals into reality. Having a plan is the cornerstone lesson to this session. We discuss their favorite personalities from TV and magazines and explain to them the myth of “overnight success” and being discovered. We culminate this session by helping the girls design a plan to start their own business in their neighborhoods (with their parent’s approval of course).

A GIRL SMARTS GUIDE TO LEADERSHIP – It is always our goal to give our girls tools to use in the years ahead. During this leadership presentation activities bring home the importance of our roles as leaders in our lives, our community and our families. Team challenges allow each girl to take on a leadership role and do hands on competitive tasks in a friendly, fun filled atmosphere. This is our keynote workshop moving our girls forward to become everyday leaders in their lives.