We Help You Find the BEST Speakers, Coaches, Trainers & Facilitators –from the best up-and-comers to the most accomplished and polished experts!

Our speaker directory offers Event Planners an efficient & no risk approach to booking our speakers, coaches, trainers and facilitators.

Women Veteran Speakers work with both previous clients & speakers to ensure speaker/event reviews are available for reference.

Our clients have a couple of different options to select a speaker, coach, trainer or facilitator:

Direct Client Contact – The client can contact member directly; each of our member’s profiles will list the member’s contact info and the the client can contact the member.

Women Veteran Speaker Contact – The client can contact Women Veteran Speakers (info@WomenVeteranSpeakers / 240.298.3940) for a proposal or connection with our member(s).

  • Proposals – Proposals are a great option if the client wants to receive information/materials highlighting one or more of our WVS members.
  • Connection – Women Veteran Speakers will provide an electronic introduction with our WVS member(s_

Pre-Event / Post-Event Support

WVS is available for pre-event & post-event coordination and will provide social media advertising highlighting the event and/or the client.

Women Veteran Speakers coordinates both national and regional bookings.

Questions/Assistance: Please contact Women Veteran Speakers directly info@WomenVeteranSpeakers.com 240.298.3940 with questions or request for assistance in finding the right expert for your event.

Speakers Bureau Fees: Event Planners nor Clients do not pay any fee for the Women Veteran Speakers services. Ours fees are coordinated directly with our members. 

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