Brian Smith, GI Associate Product Director, Allergan

Dr. Karen Jacobson delivered a leadership program for our (Allergan) Specialty Sales Managers in Feb 2020. She worked with our team to ensure the event was tailored to the specific needs of our field managers. Dr. Jacobson did a wonderful job providing a dynamic presentation that helped guide our team on how to drive success amongst their team during periods of change and uncertainty. Her program was highly informative and Karen conducted a dynamic, interactive program for our Specialty Sales Managers. Our managers left the event with practical, tangible and actionable tools to drive business growth and manage change within their team.




Lindsey Bianco, Fred Astaire Pro

My team and I were able to take this knowledge and start implementing it right away!



Jeff Faldalen

I had the pleasure of experiencing Dr Karen Jacobson facilitate and oversee a coaching training of up and coming coaches. She has an infectious passion for drawing out the best in those around her. Empowered with an incredible wealth of knowledge in the Wellness field sets Dr. Karen Jacobson apart from other coaches. The resources she shared with me, literally changed my life beyond what I thought was possible. It is not only my pleasure, but also an honor, to highly recommend her as a coach for anyone interested in pursuing a better quality of life.

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