Dr. Karen offers virtual keynotes and workshops focusing on high performing teams in a remote environment.

These days many companies are talking about adapting their procedures to the “New Normal”. Well, there’s nothing really normal in the current environment or what people are experiencing right now. Issues such as distractions, isolation and lack of social connection are just a few of the challenge’s companies are facing now that teams are working from home.  A better question is to find out what company leaders need to do to help their people cope with the current situation, reduce stress, and perform at their best.

Mainly, how do you maintain high-performance during times of crisis and chaos?   What do you say, how do you make sure to provide your team the right answers, create some stability and a sense of normalcy?

Dr. Karen Jacobson is no stranger to the challenges of change and uncertainty.  Growing up in a war-torn country and serving as a Non-commissioned officer in the Israeli army. Has trained her to navigate thru times of crisis & times of peace.

Those skills & strategies are shared thru live and virtual customized programs to meet your specific organization’s objectives and needs.


Masterclass L.I.V.E (Live Virtual Interactive Experience) topics range from Leadership and change management to communication and Emotional Intelligence providing your leadership and sales teams with skills and strategies to adapt to a changing world, engage team members and clients while remaining effective and productive.

Book Dr. Karen: https://drkarenjacobson.com/book-now/drj@drkarenjacobson.com

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