• Definitely use an external web cam, not the one in your laptop. 
  • Don’t use anything Bluetooth or wireless  – hardwired is best. 
  • Recommend Logitech Brio for external web cam or a Logitech 730C or 720.
    • If you can’t get a webcam, there are free apps you can use to turn your phone into a great webcam- just need a tripod for it. Most cameras on new phones are 4g and great quality.
  • Microphone – use a lav mic instead of a headset, and an earpiece if you need to hear participants. Lav I use is Rode SmartLav+
  • For studio recording for taped event – Blue Yeti microphone all the way.
  • Definitely BEST need 3 sets of lights (Key light, fill light, back light)- two front, one to light your backdrop to give you dimension. If only have 2, minimal would be key lighting and fill lighting. Here’s a great video with quick/easy advice on lighting and something someone can do without a lot of  special equipment. However, this advice is just for webinars, not keynote- that’s a whole other ballgame when you’re standing and moving.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hfqJ7eWj0A However, for keynotes, you’ll still have the same concept of at minimum the three types of lighting.
  • Use a real backdrop rather than a green screen, unless you’ve really found a greenscreen background that avoids all the weird “haloing” of your hair and hands. Make the backdrop realistic!
    • Don’t use those “zoom virtual backgrounds” for actual programs. They’re ok for casual meetings if you pick the right one and are careful how you move, but when you make a bad choice. They give you the same problems as bad green screen. 
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